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Born and raised in Germany I came to the US in 1999 the first time in my life. I made ranch vacation on a Working Cattle Ranch in Wyoming and the “Wild West” impressed me so much that I came back in 2000 to travel the West of the United States. I began to book European guests for the Working Cattle Ranches I discovered on my way.

But it always drew me back to Wyoming where I finally got “stuck". Besides booking guests from all over the world for the ranches I visited myself to make sure that they keep their promises, I help out on neighbor ranches with cattle work, fencing, guiding and all other aspects of ranch work.

Wyoming - like no place on Earth!

Heike Bohl
52 Wenger Road
Devils Tower, WY 82714
You may contact me simply by e-mail 


or give me a call at 307-756-3907
I live on a ranch and spend a lot of time outside - please do not hesitate to leave a message!

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